Squidgy Brownies


175g Cooked & Mashed Sweet Potato

75g Nut Butter

35g Cacao Powder 

50g Maple Syrup

(You can add a little more Cacao and Maple Syrup if you need them sweeter and even more chocolatey)



Bake sweet potato for 50 mins in the oven, scoop the middle out. Combine all the ingredients until completely blended, put in a loaf tin lined with grease proof paper, smooth the top down with a spatula, cook at 180 for 15 min. Leave to cool before cutting as they are seriously gooey 🥰


Healthy dose of Sweet Potato with your afternoon cup of tea 🙌🏼🍠 


Store in an airtight container in the fridge. Also suitable for freezing. 

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