7 ways to make your workouts more eco friendly

As featured in Decembers Wiltshire Life magazine, this is a great way to combine 2 New Year Resolutions of exercise & sustainability... 😊 


7 Easy ways to make your workouts more Eco Friendly...


Don’t throw away your old trainers

If they are in reasonable condition with no holes or significant damage, take them to your local charity shop, someone will appreciate them and put them to good use. If they are no longer in a wearable condition, they can go to your local recycling centre if they accept textiles or lots of supermarkets have recycling points in their car parks for clothes and shoes. The textile parts will then be used to make something else that’s useful!


Ditch single use plastic bottles

Unbelievably, it’s estimated that 38.5 million plastic bottles are still being used each day in the UK alone. Switch to a stainless steel, BPA free water bottle. There are lots of brands out there now that are great for keeping water cold for 24 hours and come in a big range of fun designs. Health bonus: You will feel encouraged to drink more water throughout the day as it stays so deliciously cold.


DIY post workout snacks

Avoid plastic wrapped pre or post workout protein bars, make your own at home. There are endless great recipes online so you can have fun experimenting. Giving up pre packaged foods is also an instant health boost and saves money too.


Buy secondhand equipment

If you’re buying equipment like dumbbells or kettlebells for home workouts check out Facebook market place, Gumtree and eBay. Often home workout kit on these sites is hardly used and can be as good as new. Buying brand new kit often means you are buying non recyclable materials so best avoided if you can.


Clean up your activewear

Check your local charity shops when you need new activewear. Or if you do buy new, invest in good quality items that last. Look out for natural fabrics like bamboo which are biodegradable. Try and avoid fast fashion, you will find that your new gear won’t last very long if you’re working out regularly and are usually made out of synthetic or manmade fabrics that can’t be recycled and will not biodegrade. As with your old trainers, take your clothes to the charity shop or recycling centre when you no longer need them. Alternatively keep an eye out locally for a Swish or clothes swapping event where you can go along and swap your garments for something different.


Leave the car at home

Walk, run or cycle to your gym, make it part of your workout, an easy way to increase your fitness while being kinder to the environment. The same goes for your journey to work, leave the car at home and go on foot. In addition to helping with your fitness, it’s a brilliant opportunity to get fresh air, vitamin D, thinking time and a great mood boost.


Try Plogging

This is a concept that started in Sweden in 2016 and is a combination of litter picking and jogging. StudioBelle in Warminster recently held their first Plogging event collecting 9 bags of rubbish over a 3K distance! Have a look online for similar events near you and if you can’t find any, why not get some friends together and start one up yourself?!


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